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The weather is starting to cool off (ever so slightly!) which means that it’s only a few weeks before the leaves start to fall.  When those leaves fall, make sure you have your pool enclosure screen repaired and ready to go so your pool doesn’t fill up with leaves!  That means it’s time to fix the tops and sides of your screen room.

This year we’re offering stainless steel screws for the bottom of your screen room or pool cage enclosure.  We find that most screen rooms built in the last 30 years have regular steel screws, but these can rust over time.  That’s why we use stainless steel screws now and we’re happy to replace your old ones too.  If you have a salt-water pool, the old steel screws will most definitely need to be replaced with the new stainless steel screws we now offer.

We want to take this time to thank you for all your business this spring and summer.  We do not advertise so word of mouth recommendations are our bread and butter.  Thank you for recommending The Screen Mechanics to your neighbors and family members.

The Screen Mechanics are happy to repair all your screen room needs in Central Florida!

Wally and Joe


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